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We are committed to what we do.

MBS is a focused, effective, and transparent EMS billing company. 

We also are not the largest billing service; we don’t try to be. 

We have grown by design.  Each EMS service, each state EMS system, and each state reimbursement laws and rules are often very different.   An EMS billing service must know each of these characteristics intimately in order to be effective and in order to maximum revenues.   

In the end it is knowledge, focus, and expertise that obtains revenues, not size. 

We are focused.

Because effective billing requires expertise, we are focused on our region and the small and medium sized taxpayer supported EMS services found there.   We believe that billing can’t be done effectively without this focus. 

We are skilled.

MBS was created in 2011 after three decades of supporting the needs of EMS in our region.  We know EMS.  We know our states.  We know reimbursement.

We are informal but sophisticated.

We enjoy a close relationship with our customers, and are accessible and personable.  At the same time our processes and automation are sophisticated and capable. 

We know EMS. We know our region. We know reimbursement.

Transparent EMS billing so you can do your job more effectively.

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Custom processes for unique reimbursement challenges.

Given the fact that MBS focuses on its customers and service area of Vermont and New Hampshire, it is able to provide fully customizable processes and reports. MBS also offers a unique data analytic system that is capable of providing the customer with trends and information that is important for future planning. EMS customers may also access up-to-date, relevant and meaningful information on current, cutting edge issues, as well as training that can be used to meet their needs.

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At MBS, you will not become a small fish in a big pond.

MBS doesn’t seek out EMS customers simply to grow, but rather focuses on the size of EMS services in our region that we know so well.

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