Effective Billing

Because of MBS’ expertise and focus, its processes are customized for each customer and for each unique reimbursement challenge.  It also does not simply chase “low hanging fruit”, but rather challenges inadequate insurer payments and practices, all resulting in results that exceed its larger, less focused competitors.  

Technological Sophistication.

Even though MBS is small, its technology is sophisticated and capable.   Given the fact that MBS focuses on its customers and service area, it is able to provide fully customizable processes and reports, as well as offers a data analytic system that is unique and, using that unique system, is  capable to provide the customer with trends and information that is important for planning for the future.  

Transparency and Information.

Often reports and information received from billing companies is opaque and sometimes of limited value.  MBS is proud of its work, and its reporting and analytics are specifically designed to be intuitive and informative. 


MBS knows EMS in its region and knows it well.  It knows the insurance payers in our region, and knows them well.  That expertise allows MBS to be effective at obtaining appropriate reimbursement, even in difficult situations where other, larger competitors give up.  

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Some other services we provide

Forms and Model Policies

Customers may access documents created for EMS providers.

Regulatory, Reimbursement and EMS Information

EMS customers can access up to date, relevant, and meaningful information on current, cutting edge issues. 


EMS customers can access training that can be used to meet their needs.